Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The End of the Road

Our time here draws to a close. Some of us are counting the days, content to hurry on to the next exciting chapter of their lives. Others try to not think of the dwindling days. Each days that manages to slink by means one less day in this western wonderland. One less majestic sunrise greeting us on the short drive to the work site. One less placid mountain sunset to see our tired bodies off to bed.
    It seemed like only yesterday we were in Winnemucca. Wide-eyed and unsure. Back when the tools used to feel heavy and the worked used to feel difficult. But here were are, a mere two months later. We have cut a lot of tread and driven a lot of miles together. We have grown both more competent and stronger; gently hardened over time by the resplendent Nevadan wilderness.
   I used to associate Nevada with words like "barren" "lonely" "desolate" and "arid". But after my time here I have found the Nevadan wilderness is a place of stoic grace and life and growth can be found here if you happen to know where to look.
    I will never forget this experience. I will not forget what I have seen, what I have helped accomplish, the people I have met, the hardships endured, and the bonds I have forged.

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