Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to the Nevada Conservation Corps!

My name is Nick Regalado and I joined NCC in hopes of having a hardworking, honest job and ended up getting more than I could bargain for. I was put on a front country crew located in the Spring Mountains just for the summer and couldn't have enjoyed it more. As an aspiring wildland firefighter, I felt that this was the perfect way to be introduced into working in all types of weather and terrain and the hard work that came with it. While cutting trail, I was constantly thinking about how I was going to accomplish being a firefighter and how I would go about it after my tenure was over, until my crew leader and I had a one on one interview. He told me I could join a sawyer crew and get experience which is needed to be a wildland firefighter. I found this immensely important and jumped on that idea quickly. I didn’t know NCC could offer such a vital aspect for me to accomplish a lifetime goal.

I honestly could not have asked for more to be put on such a well-knit crew with an outstanding crew leader. Our chemistry with each other was eye opening for me, because we were all there for the same reason which was to work hard and have fun and that’s exactly what happened. There was not a dull day that I could remember and we all grew as a family and it was simply amazing to me. We worked and camped for eight days and had six days off, but when it was time to pack up and go back to the office it was as if nature was drawing you back in to stay and almost sad to leave. We were dirty, grungy, tired and desperately needed to shower, but it was the most fun I’ve ever experienced and would recommend it to any young adult that is looking to have fun.

-Nick Regalado

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