Monday, July 15, 2013

A Poem from Crew 5!

                        Being Here Now is great. I love life.
                        Thinking back to orientation forming stage,    
                                    We transitioned together,        
                        Realizing impending adjournment stage,
                                    We will have filled blank pages with body odor,
                                    Toaster pastries untoasted, dirt, Cheese Its,
                                    Sweat, laughter, Gold Fish, Yucca, rocks climbed and more dirt.

                        Comforts of Life:
                                    Faithful Flowmaster #79, a pillow, Otis’ jiggles, food,
                                    Crusty palm stump deity named Chas-Skyler, laughter, a tent to sleep in,
                                    Crispy beef?, the stars, Mr. Heater, NPR,  a port-o-potty and toilet paper.
                        Essentials of the Job with infinite significance:
                                    McLeod, bastard files, pickmatic, geopick, single and double jack, spade shovel,                                          flat shovel, miner’s pick, buckets, Carhartts and boots, an emblem, laughter,                                                 water, the truck, warmth, layers.

                        Everything is enhanced in the soft silence.
                                    Epiphany #1: I am in and out – there is no difference,
                                    We must strive to elevate each other,
                                    Closer towards balance and harmony within ourselves and within our world.
                                    Give me your best and I will give you my best!

                        Time and Time again, our bodies and minds and souls are humbled by the elements &                                              our limitations.
                        We are peculiar animals with infinite potential.
                        Crayfish are peculiar animals… Taste one!

                        Radiowaves! Radiowaves! Radiowaves!
                                    Unseen waves ripple through the canyon air,
                                    Smoggy city air, vibrate in body.
                                    Can you feel them? Are you ill too?
                        Layers Layers Layers and Layers of Layers,
                                    Layers of bureaucracy, being minion volunteers – worker ants,                     
                                    Layers of rocks composing the Earth, only scratching surface,
                                    Layers of my onion self, seeking soul,
                                    Layers of fabric, provide comfort,
                                    Layers of dirt on skin, good to breathe.

                        Brian was right: Energy attracts everything together.
                        Josh was right: Something united us here and now.
                                    What united us? What continues to unite?

                        Black volcanic rocks need to be moved,
                                    Dirt & sand need to be moved,
                                    Cold bodies need to move,
                                    Persistent breeze moves fragile wispy yellow grass,
                                    (a tossed shovel full of sand into wind reveals the unseen…)

                        Gigantic Sun! Millions of miles away you never hide and burn only for yourself.
                                    Yet, all things thrive and appreciate your warmth.

                        Let’s build Dams and Drains!
                                    Will Smith Jr., The Constipator, Saffronia, Sasquatch, Scat Dam,
                                    Stevie Wonder, Mark McGwire, Nessie,
                                    & Marky Mark – how could I forget?

                        Crack the Fortune Cookie, see what’s inside…

                                                                                                January 2013

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