Monday, July 15, 2013

Things Are Shaking Up Around Here!

February marked the start of a new work season at NCC and GBI, bringing in a new troupe of 6 month crew members to integrate with those who are on a year long term.  Many of the crews have been reshuffled in order to accommodate our new comrades, and the past few hitchs have been marked by this exciting adjustment period.

Our new members have brought all kinds of perspectives, questions, and dynamics that make the process a learning one for all involved.  Ashlyn Moreno and Jake Kern are our new-bees, and both are working hard at getting a grasp on the challenge of long days and physical work, the intricacies of trail building, the subtle demand of pulling Saharan Mustard, and the nuances of crew life.  Kelly and Josh, the existing members that remain on Crew 5, have played the role of mentors wonderfully.  And our resident Eagle Scout, Crew Supervisor Brian Valle, is continuing his lifelong development as a teacher and leader.

Last week was our first week working on a project independently as a crew, having worked our first two hitch's alongside other crews.  Working with other crews definitely has it's benefits, as the work gets done much faster and dinner time is more of a social.  Yet, finally working alone as a crew offered a chance for us to personally bond and grow in our relationships with one another.  We continued work on building a trail through Sloan Canyon, and Jake and Ashlyn had their first experience with de-commisioning roads.  While both of this jobs require hard work, on a week that had mostly warm days, the results are instantly obvious and very gratifying.  Furthermore, jovial moments and laughter interject the work and almost always end the day.  The statement, "Work hard, play hard," takes on new meaning in Conservation Corps work!

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