Monday, July 15, 2013

Sloan Sickness and Applie Pies

There has been a lot of anxiety within the NCC Crews lately. Not bad anxiety, but the anxiety that comes with a looming change. The crews are about to get all jumbled up as new members come in and crew leader training begins. This and local hardships with our property manager, and approaching illness have been slightly distracting at work. But somehow, through good nature and hard work we begin to settle into another week of work at Sloan. Our crew is working with the two MACC Crews and one other NCC Crew on the trail up Black Mountain. Lately, the NCC has been doing a lot of work on this trail and the Anthem community members wanted to thank us for all our hard work. They invited us to come to their annual Hikers Club meeting to introduce us and recognize our service. After a little business, our project partner, Brenda, talked about the continuing projects at Sloan and then allowed us to introduce ourselves one-by-one. Once we all shared our name and where we’re from, we received a standing ovation from the crowd, and a large amount of cookies and two apple pies; we finished most of the cookies before lunch. As the week moved on, the days seemed to get longer and soon there was a little rain and sickness began to spread. On Wednesday, Sam went down. On Thursday, both Kelly and Jim got sick as well. But, soon enough the weekend and we got the news that we would be on a couple of local tours the next few weeks.

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