Monday, July 15, 2013


My name is Christian Taylor and I work for Nevada Conservation Corps. I enjoy working for the Great Basin Institute because I get to work in different areas and do great work for the environment. Recently I went to Moapa Wildlife Refuge to work with irrigation systems that provide water to different plants that live in the desert. Remembering back to the great work I did last week we erased a number of invasive plants in Sandy Cove. Working for the Nevada Conservation Corps is an amazing experience every day that I work because I’m always doing different tasks that involve making the environment better for the world. Being with a crew is awesome as well because I get to be with people who also want to make a change with the environment and have ultimately the same goals in mind. I enjoyed working with a botanist to explore different kinds of plants that live in the desert. I found out that many plants in the desert don’t need much water to survive. I also learned that the Moapa Dace, a small fish that lives on the Moapa Wildlife Refuge, is the only place they live in the world.

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