Monday, July 15, 2013

Sloan Canyon National Recreation Area

This trail has been an important project to GBI for seasons! Summer 2012 had an insanely high record of precipitation and a lot of the old trail had been ravaged by erosion and high volumes of runoff in the area. This week our crew worked with Mears’ crew of Sam, Corey, Ian, and Cal to install a few drains and cut new tread along the connecter route. Beware of Desert Tortoises!

Vince instructing our crew on trail structures and features.

There are a few different types of drainage features that can be used on a trail to divert water off the surface. Some areas of the trial needed minor touch ups and other spots needed more work to ensure minimal erosion in the future. This week our crew installed over 25 drains in less than half a mile of trail.

Below: On the left is a picture of the work site before we showed up. To the right you can clearly see where we have removed all the big rocks and defined the trail tread. Although the trail isn’t finished we have seen hikers and bikers using the trail already! It’s always a good feeling to know your work is appreciated by the users. 

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